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  • 1. What is Yokis

    A range of digital modules to control lights and shutters with no two-way switch, inverter or home automation system, using only electric cable and wall-mounted pushbuttons.

  • 2. What does Yokis do

    Yokis digital modules allow for multiple and centralised controls for lights and shutters, also via radio. You can set up customised scenarios and settings!

  • 3. How does Yokis work

    Yokis modules communicate via radio or driver wire built with a standard cable. Programming is achieved with mechanical pushbuttons, without software or computers.

  • 4. Why choose Yokis

    You can save up to 45% in cabling, halving the labour required to set up a system. It also offers premium features and amazing flexibility

1. What is Yokis


The system with which to create centralisations, multi-controls and scenarios using only a pair of cutters and a screwdriver.

  • More functions

    Yokis electronic modules allow for the automation of shutter operation and the management of lights, creating scenarios, timings, zone splitting and centralisation quickly and easily.

  • Enhanced simplicity

    To install Yokis modules you will just need a pair of cutters, a screwdriver and an electric cable; configuration can be made through the controls of the wiring system. Modules can use the existing wiring and do not require any field bus.

    • Less wiring




      Wired and wireless modules can be used in combined mode: you will no longer depend on the wiring distribution and will be able to centralise function control as well as scenarios through a remote control.





2. What does Yokis do

  • Electronic relay modules

    They can be installed in a flush-mounting box or DIN rail on existing wiring. Programmable with a switch, two-way switch or inverter. They can be either radio or driver wire centralised.
  • Timers

    They can be used in 3 or 4 wire mode and are 100% water-proof. Adjustable timing, from 2 seconds to 4 hours, with the possibility of extension to 12 hours. Wired or radio control. Compatible with dusk sensors and timers.
  • Dimmer

    Wired dimmers, optional timed operation. Water-proof and to be used with 3 or 4 wires. Light variation starting from 3W. Radio module with LED feedback on transmitter.
  • Universal

    Compatible with all shutter types and brands with 3-wire motor (Somfy, Aprimatic, Bubendorff, etc.). Easily installed in flush-mounting boxes and behind most single or double pushbuttons (not interlocked).
  • Safe

    The module has an automatic integrated system of torque control that, in case of an accidental jam or blockage, avoids damaging the shutter or the motor.
  • Programmable

    Built-in daily scheduling with multi-zone management, scenario management and remote control. The number of shutters that can be centralised is unlimited, which makes it ideal for large installations in office buildings.
  • Brightness control

    switching on of the light at the level previously stored and brightness control for power-saving purposes. Possibility to have courtesy lights or night lights.
  • Automatic switch-off

    the lights can switch off automatically after a set period of time in case you forget about it. This not only allows for power saving, by avoiding waste, but can control exterior lights as well.
  • Presence simulation

    Simulate your presence when you are not at home, with a random switching on and off of lights throughout the house. Lights in the house randomly switch on and off for 4 hours every evening, for a convincing presence simulation and prowler dissuasion effect.
  • No limit

    the number of modules that can be controlled with centralisation is unlimited. Several modules, even those of different types, can be associated with just one control key.
  • Splitting

    thanks to a wide range of configuration options, it is possible to create centralised controls relating either to the entire system or only single areas (e.g., living area and bedroom area, interior and exterior).
  • Versatility

    Wired timed dimmers. Thanks to radio range, the arrangement of controls is independent from wiring layout. In this way you are free to set up all spaces according to your own requirements.

3. How does Yokis work

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Examples of wired and radio centralisation


Installation Example: No. 1 MULTI-CONTROL


Installation Example: No. 2 DIMMERS


Installation Example: No. 3 TIMING


Installation Example: No. 3 CENTRALISATION



4. Why choose Yokis